So Resumes the Sojourn

The last few months have been somewhat of an awakening for me.  There has been much conscious and unconscious reflection. Reflection on the past, on worldview, on ideas, on hurts and joys, on God, and my relationship to Him.  Over the course of these months I have seen myself do a dramatic swing in thought processes and attitudes.  So dramatic that I feel refreshed and invigorated like I have not felt in years.  It has left me with a sense of anticipation for the future.  Full of genuine excitement.  This in itself surprises – and delights – me.

I have battled with cynicism for years.  I have felt fruitless, shriveled and dry.  Not a healthy branch.  Over these last months though, God has been slowly dripping water into my root system, and new buds are appearing.  People no longer have to guess if I am living or dead.  It’s obvious that there is life.

And with that has come a sense of purpose.  One of my true awakening moments was the thought that my life was certainly half over.  The thought was not a dark one, nor gloomy, but rather it left me with the firm impression that “I’d better get busy!  Time’s a wastin’!” Suddenly fears of job security and retirement plans have drifted to the side.  Surely there is no time to retire, and an overly healthy income becomes a bottom priority.  Life is too short!  This has left me open to considering a myriad of things.

And so now as I am exploring various avenues, some of which are leading nowhere, I am confident that God has a specific purpose in mind for me.  I’m learning to be patient and not jump the gun.  I have some specific ideas in mind but I’m truly open to other things.  This is such a great place to be.

And so resumes the journey of another of life’s pilgrims.  I am curious to see what I will learn and discover on this journey.  And I’m excited to see specific moments extracted from the pilgrimage.  And mostly I am thankful to have a faithful Companion guiding my steps along the way.


~ by Pants on 16 April, 2010.

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