Back Away From the Dye!

OK, so yesterday I decided that my roots were getting too long and I needed to fix them. Right now I can’t really justify paying $100 for color and highlights so I hit the hair dye aisle at CVS. Ah, why do I do this? I’ve been au natural for many years and then about 6 weeks ago I decided I wanted to lighten my hair up a bit (I used to be blonde but now I’m all mouse). Got it professionally done, looked great. Then the roots come in. I decide to go brunette. Not only did I not manage to cover all my hair effectively with dye, but the “golden” part of the brunette dye turned parts of my hair red. I look bad. Not as bad as the time in grad school when my Armenian friend dyed not only my hair but my eyebrows carrot orange, but still pretty bad. Now I’ll need to dye it again. I’ll be lucky if I don’t turn bald by the end of this process.

Coloring my own hair is not one of my gifts.


~ by Pants on 20 April, 2010.

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