What Are We Doing Here?

I recently watched a great documentary about a family of brothers that travel from Cairo to Cape Town for the purpose of examining the in/effectiveness of aid in Africa. Anyone involved with the poor should watch this movie. It’s called What Are We Doing Here?. As I’ve been contemplating my future, many of the issues addressed in the movie are questions that I have been asking myself. And it confirmed many of my thoughts too.

One of the most compelling scenes was when they meet a young woman in Rwanda who has been orphaned, is HIV positive, and is caring for her younger brothers. The translator is so upset by her story that she is crying as she is translating, and at one point has to stop altogether. For me, this family represents the people that should be helped regardless. There need be no discussion of appropriate or effective aid. Caring for orphans. I wanted to swoop them all up and bring them into my home.

There are funny moments in this movie as well, and touching ones, and even encouraging ones. This movie shouldn’t put you off helping others, but instead help you to examine how. I can’t recommend enough that people watch this film. For too long we have been collectively ignoring the business of aid, and it’s time we got down and dirty in our evaluation and our approach.


~ by Pants on 28 April, 2010.

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