This is Boring

This blog has been a snooze. It really doesn’t reflect me at all. I mean yes, what I’ve been saying in it has reflected some of my inner-most thoughts, but it doesn’t reflect what I spend more of my time thinking about. Like how The Real Housewives shows both horrify and fascinate me. How I got an awesome french pedicure by a slightly bitchy Vietnamese lady. How I rotate between two local coffee shops because one place has better coffee but obnoxious staff, the other place is super friendly but the coffee so so. How I was totally bored by the World Cup. How I spend a lot of time researching various countries and fantasizing about working in them. How I am growing weary of having no social life – people to sit around and drink beers with.

So, I think I better make this more relevant.

I still think about the other shit. But not as much as I should.


~ by Pants on 11 July, 2010.

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