Officially Unemployed

So, it’s now been….just over 3 months since I withdrew from the teaching program and started looking for work. And just over 3 months since I haven’t been able to obtain work. So, I guess that makes me *officially unemployed*. This is a first for me, and it’s weird, frustrating, and most of all, boring. And I’m not even scrounging benefits. heh.

People ask me “So what are you up to today/tomorrow/this week?”. My answer, the same every time: “Looking for work”.

Seriously, I have nothing to say about my life. Unless you want to know what happened on the Real Housewives of New Jersey. There was a fight. No changes there either. Oh, and I bought my dog some food today. Went to the coffee shop. Surfed the net for jobs. Met someone I know and had a chat (that was nice!). Came home. Watched TV.

Pretty awesome huh?

Just trying to keep the faith, not be grouchy, and not feel dispirited over the lack of job offers.


~ by Pants on 13 July, 2010.

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